DNFP 2019

2019 DECLARATION OF NON-FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE OF THE DESCOURS & CABAUD GROUP 3 Founded in 1782, the DESCOURS & CABAUD Group has established itself as a leading player in wholesale distribution for several decades. Its long-term economic performance is due to the quality of its products and services and the efforts made by its staff. The strength of its financial structure and the regular reinvestment of profits have contributed to its long-term development. For more than two centuries, the Group has shown that it passes on the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders and their values. On the strength of this past and with a solid family-based DNA, the Group takes its societal responsibilities seriously on a daily basis. Its growth plan, consisting of an operational performance programme serving its customers includes a social innovation component called "Uniteam", underpinned by an ambition to improve its employer brand and support managers in order to instil a more collaborative and winning culture. This policy drives performance, enabling the Group to rise to the challenge of achieving sustainable economic growth that is socially innovative and environmentally friendly. This approach, formally defined in the Positive Programme, benefits all its stakeholders: staff, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the territories where the Group is established. This second Declaration of Non-financial Performance specifies the main social, societal and environmental challenges facing the Group, and is more mature in its indicators and scope. This declaration has been constructed in such a way as to enlighten our stakeholders in a fully transparent manner with regard to the social, societal and environmental effects of the Group's activity. The sincerity of the information provided herein is guaranteed by an assessment of an independent third-party organisation. Philippe Massonneau President of the Board Editorial