21 2021 DECLARAT ION OF NON-F INANCIAL PERFORMANCE DESCOURS & CABAUD Informat ion compromi se COMPLIANCE DESCOURS & CABAUD is concerned about the security of its data in order to protect itself from any loss or compromise of information that could jeopardise its business. Accordingly, we make every effort to protect our information from external or internal threats, such as the use of sensitive data by malicious third parties for unlawful or fraudulent purposes. The means deployed consist in harmonising, in a context of external growth, the security of information practices for the French and international subsidiaries of the DESCOURS & CABAUD Group, while respecting their principles of autonomy and their respective constraints. The Information Systems Security Director defines the policies and, in collaboration with the IT teams, ensures their implementation. Thus, monitoring is carried out through audits that highlight the identification of weaknesses. It is about governing the ethics of transactions between two organisations, two stakeholders. The links between them must be defined so that one does not exercise power over the other for profit. Compliance should ensure principles of integrity and honesty between the company and its stakeholders, in particular its customers and competitors. It is expressed in fields of activity as varied as the fight against corruption, fair competition, conflict of interest, the encouragement of social responsibility throughout the value chain, etc. Amongst the range of compliance issues, the risk of corruption and the European Data Protection Regulation will be detailed below. RISKS AND CONSEQUENCES MEANS OF CONTROL