The key performance indicators relate either to France (62% of the Group's workforce) or to a Group scope representing at least 82.5% of the workforce. The table below specifies the scope covered by indicator. SCOPE OF THE DECLARATION OF NON-FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE 5 2021 DECLARAT ION OF NON-F INANCIAL PERFORMANCE DESCOURS & CABAUD PAGE KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS SCOPE 22 Level of governance Group 22 Level of risk control Group 22 Level of physical and IT security Group 24 Rate of training for the e-learning anti-bribery training course — France France 24 Rate of training for the e-learning anti-bribery training course — international Group 25 % of requests to exercise rights processed within due time limits France 25 % of compliance on the part of European subsidiaries Europe 27 % of suppliers assessed Suppliers Asia 29 % of correct answers to technical quizzes France 30 Number of followers on LinkedIn Group 30 Rate of departure of new recruits in their first year France 30 Indeed reviews France 31 Rate of Frequency Group 31 Rate of Severity Group 32 % of management posts with a formal succession plan France 33 Voluntary turnover rate Group 36 % of Euro 5 or 6 heavy vehicles in the fleet France 36 Trend in vehicle fuel consumption France 39 Compliance with the maintenance and testing plan Group 39 Platform availability rate Group 39 Rate of Frequency Group 39 Rate of Severity Group