8 Our Group originated in Lyon in 1782, with the establishment of a business in steel products. In its first decade of business, the company became the leading steel trader in France. At the end of the 19th century, it expanded to certain markets in Argentina, Indochina, Africa and Madagascar. In its 240 years of existence, while retaining its family shareholder structure, DESCOURS & CABAUD has undergone major changes, particularly in terms of product diversification and development. Its recent history is marked by strong international growth. The Group's prof i le GOVERNANCE DESCOURS & CABAUD is the French leader in the distribution of supplies to professionals in industry, construction and the water and landscape sectors. The French Group also has operations in Europe, Morocco and North America. 418 53 56 54 11 5 30 3 8 8 1 8 15 50 720 OUTLETS IN EUROPE AND NORTH AMERICA OUR HISTORY