DNFP 2020

2020 DECLARATION OF NON-FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE OF THE DESCOURS & CABAUD GROUP 49 SCOPE OF THE DECLARATION OF NON-FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE CONCLUSION AND PROSPECTS This Declaration of Non-Financial Performance (DPEF) covers all the French sites of the DESCOURS & CABAUD Group’s scope of consolidation. The European subsidiaries (outside France) and North-American subsidiaries are not included. Although its scope is not yet international for all subjects involved, it will be progressively extended as and when the necessary tools are developed. This 2020 version of the DESCOURS & CABAUD Declaration of Non-Financial Performance inevitably refers to a very particular health and economic situation. Numerous indicators have been affected, the priorities of the day have concentrated energies and had a short-term influence on daily priorities. The challenge of the Declaration of Non-Financial Performance nevertheless continues to be pertinent, the non-financial risks previously identified continue to be present, and the initiatives aiming to mitigate their effects continue to be essential. The mapping of the phenomenon has nevertheless been started again from zero, and has been subject to a new evaluation with each “owner” of risk. The Declaration of Non-Financial Performance thus has the merit of engaging the different directions within the company and of associating them with risk management, a function that is inherent to the life of any company. 5. 6.