10 As an expert in every branch of industry, DEXIS helps its customers grow and perform to the highest standard thanks to an end-to-end range of industrial maintenance solutions, including mechatronics, machining and personal protective equipment. Expert in the water and landscape sectors, HYDRALIANS offers its trade customers the widest specialised ranges in the market, services with high added value and personalised support in their projects. Expert in all aspects of construction, PROLIANS supports more than 200 trades in this sector daily via the most comprehensive offering of supplies in the market, backed by numerous services that facilitate and simplify the activity of its trade customers. The bus iness model GOVERNANCE THE DISTRIBUTION IS ORGANISED THROUGH THREE TRADING BRANDS Our business is to provide professional supplies and solutions to a wide range of sectors including industry, building and public works professionals, government, the water and landscape sectors, and local authorities. OUR DISTRIBUTION SECTOR THE PARTNER OF INDUSTRIAL SECTORS THE PARTNER OF CONSTRUCTION SECTORS THE PARTNER OF THE WATER AND LANDSCAPE SECTORS