11 2021 DECLARAT ION OF NON-F INANCIAL PERFORMANCE DESCOURS & CABAUD PRODUCTS We select the best suppliers, both in France and abroad, in order to make their products available to our customers. The breadth of our product offering is a major asset in meeting all customer requirements, whether they are routine or specific. We offer more than one million product references from well-known brands and the DESCOURS & CABAUD Group’s own brands (Opsial, 4MP, Flowdians and Xhander). OUR COMMERCIAL OFFERING SERVICES We advise our customers on the choice and use of products, and inform them about innovations and new products. We also offer various services and performance solutions that facilitate and simplify the operational activities of our customers. For example, we can mention: • Logistics services, such as Click & Collect or Vending Machines; • Personal protective equipment services, such as the maintenance of category 3 PPE that protects against fatal or irreversible risks, or the customisation of clothing; • Technical services, suchaspredictivemaintenance for DEXIS, which enables a weakness in industrial equipment to be detected before it breaks down, or the service of creating key flowcharts for PROLIANS, or the "Hydratest" service set up by HYDRALIANS, which makes it possible to evaluate the quality of swimming pool water in order to propose appropriate treatments; • Financing services, such as lease with purchase option; • In addition, DESCOURS & CABAUD is gradually introducing various services that are part of the fight against greenhouse gas emissions, such as the collection of WEEE waste (70 tonnes of waste were recovered in 2021, 502 tonnes since 2012) at the PROLIANS branches. RESPONSIBLE PRODUCTS Through the Group's product managers, who are specially trained in this area, DESCOURS & CABAUD is committed to marketing and promoting responsible products. These are characterised by: • firstly, control of their social and environmental impacts throughout their life cycle (design, manufacture, use, final disposal); • secondly, greater safety and comfort for users. Responsible products represent nearly 6% of the offering in the 2018 PROLIANS catalogue. In order to guide our customers in their purchases, a specific pictogram indicates responsible products.