30 Employer brand Human capital is essential to the smooth running of the company: the Group must replace departing employees as quickly as possible, and acquire new skills linked to market developments and the company's needs. In addition to monitoring the number of subscribers to DESCOURS & CABAUD's LinkedIn page, we also take into account reviews on Indeed. These two indicators measure the quantitative and qualitative presence on the Internet, which is the major recruitment channel. The second indicator, introduced in 2020, is the rate of departure of new recruits within 12 months of joining the Group, with a target of not exceeding 15%. In 2021, the targets for the first two indicators were met, and raised for 2022. A new indicator was created in 2021. It concerns only France, Indeed being a national body. DESCOURS & CABAUD thus seeks to attract talent by developing a strong employer brand, i.e. one that is consistent with the company's DNA, attractive and known by potential candidates. As part of its Uniteam programme (the social component of its "We are all value creators” growth plan), various measures were implemented in 2021 to strengthen the employer brand: • Communication system enhanced by new visuals and videos; • Development of the Group's presence on social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook); • Specific feature in two major job boards (Indeed and Glassdoor); • Organisation of a community ofambassadors; • Relaunch of the employee co-option policy; • Creation of “recruitment officer” positions for the PROLIANS and DEXIS networks. RISKS AND CONSEQUENCES KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS MEANS OF CONTROL HUMAN CAPITAL Number of followers on LinkedIn Rate of departure (France) of new recruits in their first year Indeed rating (France): 3.3 (237 reviews) Target 2022: 3.5 (280 reviews) for Indeed and 3.5 for Glassdoor Target 30,000 Target 15% Target 3.5 10,000 5% 0.5 5,000 0% 0 15,000 10% 1 20,000 15% 1.5 3 25,000 20% 2 3.5 30,000 2.5 4 2019 2020 2020 2021 2021 2021 21,000 25,000 19.6% 3.3 16,000 18%