31 2021 DECLARAT ION OF NON-F INANCIAL PERFORMANCE DESCOURS & CABAUD Personal secur i ty Our activity involves the handling, storage and transporting of products that are often heavy and bulky, and can therefore lead to dangerous situations. One of the Group's main concerns is therefore to implement safe working conditions for all its teams. Uncontrolled risks can have potentially serious, and possibly irreversible, consequences for the physical health of employees. Moreover, the risk of criminal charges against senior management cannot be ruled out in the event of a serious accident in the workplace. An accident that results in time off work has several consequences. It causes a shift in workload to the employees in the department concerned, which then increases the risks involved. It disorganises the work load, which can lead to a deterioration in the quality of service provided to customers, damage to the company’s image and commercial reputation. Finally, it generates an increase in the “workplace accident” contributions rate. RISKS AND CONSEQUENCES The Group applies the most commonly used safety indicators: the rate of frequency and rate of severity of accidents in the workplace. In 2021, the results were encouraging, especially in terms of the rate of frequency, which confirmed the sharp decline that began in 2020. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS Rate of Frequency (The review for 2019 and 2020 concerns only the France scope) Rate of Severity (The review for 2019 and 2020 concerns only the France scope) Target < 19 Target ≤ 1.1 15 0.00 17 0.20 19 0.40 21 0.60 23 0.80 25 1.00 27 1.20 1.60 29 1.40 2019 2019 2020 2021 2020 2021 23.23 21.64 1.52 1.03 27.02 1.23 A dedicated governance team is responsible for preventing hazardous situations. It includes a Group manager in charge of safety and the environment, and safety/environment managers in the main subsidiaries (or correspondents) who relay the policy and coordinate the defined action plans. They apply a methodology for analysing and monitoring accidents in the workplace. Each year, dedicated meetings bring together the main safety players and management. In 2021, due to the health crisis, these meetings were held remotely with nearly 94 participants. The Group is very committed to safety and makes numerous efforts to raise awareness: monthly 15-minute safety briefings for logistics teams, systematic safety briefings at Executive Committee meetings, videos for managers and logistics teams, self-inspection tools (fire, steel stockpiles, etc.), and thematic posters that are renewed monthly. Several media provide information to all employees: internal guidelines available on the Group's intranet, welcome booklet summarising the rules and instructions to be followed. Training courses are offered on different topics (e.g. transporting of dangerous goods). Lastly, events were organised in 2021: interactive "risk hunts" encouraging employees to identify risky situations and find the associated preventive measures, as well as participation in the French workplace road safety days in May 2021. MEANS OF CONTROL